An inbox designed for reading newsletters

Enjoy your newsletters in a space built for mindful reading while giving your inbox space to breathe.

How it works

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    Log in with Gmail

    Meco integrates directly with your Gmail account so there is no need for a new email address or any manual work needed to transfer newsletters.

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    Pick your favorite newsletters

    Next we’ll check your inbox for senders, just select which you’d like to read and receive in Meco. To remove the burden on your inbox, newsletters you select are filtered out of your inbox. You can revert this at any time.

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    Customize your experience

    Read newsletters your way. Meco allows you to group your newsletters by topics or importance and choose notifications that suit your reading habits.

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    Sign up to newsletters

    Sign up to newsletters as normal with your Gmail address. We’ll notify you when you receive an email from a new sender in your inbox, you can choose whether you want to read it in Meco.

Read anytime, anywhere

Meco is available on iOS (mobile and iPad) and web browser

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